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Laboratory Scientist

Demulcent™: Medical grade collagen

Medical grade (non-vegan): Welcome

Medical grade

Demulcent™ has potential as a substitute for animal collagen in multiple applications within medical and research communities.

Using Demulcent hosts several safety benefits over traditionally used animal-derived collagen. Due to the production methods Demulcent is highly purified and does not suffer from batch-to-batch

Demulcent SFA.png

Potential Applications

  • Promotes cell growth

  • Wound repairing

  • Aesthetic medicine

  • Improve scars

  • Cell culture 

  • Tissue Scaffold

And many more within research and medicine​

How will it benefit you?

  • Biomimetic properties

  • Biocompatibility

  • Triggers natural cell responses

  • Non-animal source

  • Zero Virus risk

  • Low Immunogenicity

  • No allergenicity

  • No rejection

Demulcent SYB.png

Demulcent™ has good biocompatibility, and is about 200 times more efficient than traditional collagen. Demulcent SFH, SFA, SYB available. Contact us for specifications

Medical grade (non-vegan): Text

Questions about Demulcent? Email us today for further information

Medical grade (non-vegan): Text
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