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Photo of collagen pods Jland Biotech

Biollagen™: Vegan cosmetic grade collagen

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Biollagen: The benefits

Jland Biotech are proud developers of vegan collagen: Biollagen. Produced through our patented high-density fermentation process using pichia pastoris yeast the final product is pure and completely animal free.

There are many product advantages to using vegan-based collagen, Biollagen:


  • 100% animal-free, cruelty-free

  • No risks of animal virus

  • No immunogenic and allergenic risks as Biollagen sequence has no immunogenic ends

  • Highly biocompatible with human collagen, non-allergenic, no risk of skin irritation or any other reactions caused by animal-based collagen

  • Large industrial production.

  • Excellent water solubility. Instantly dissolved in water

  • High trans-dermal absorptivity

  • Promoting cell proliferation

  • PH-neutral, compatible with many cosmetic products

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Questions about Biollagen? Email us about our vegan collagen today

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