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Jland Biotech
Recombinant Human Collagen

Who we are

Jland Biotech was founded in 2015 and is currently the largest supplier of recombinant collagen globally. Dedicated to the development and manufacturing of recombinant human proteins for use in cosmetic, medical & research, and food applications. Jland takes pride in being an ethically responsible company with a focus on human, environmental and animal welfare.

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Finished Products

Based on our unique raw materials our expert R&D team have developed multiple finished for products ready for the market. The team is continuously looking at the the market needs and striving to be at the forefront of new product development.

Raw Materials

Our recombinant human proteins are available as raw materials to be used for your own product development. They are biodesigned based on the natural human proteins to produce high performing active ingredients specific to their intended use.

OEM Services

Along with our finished products range we are able to offer OEM services to meet clients specific needs. Our expert R&D can help produce a fully customised product to meet the client requirements. We can also supply fully customised packaging options so the product is ready to market.

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